Etude Kabinda / Avocats DRC is a law firm established in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Established in 2007, the firm is led by Dr Alex Kabinda Ngoy. The firm is made up of a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and legal professionals whose areas of specialisation vary widely and include subjects related, inter alia, to mining, hydrocarbons, business life in general and legal support for companies. Its members and associates are eager to meet the expectations and diverse needs of its clients.

In order to deal with the ever-growing complexity of problems and the need to find suitable legal solutions, we have developed necessary specialisation that enables us to have an overall assessment of the cases, the necessary responsiveness as well as the attention, which allows us to build an always personalised relationship with our clients.

The guarantee of our firm’s specialisation is coupled with the knowledge management of the DRC law as a whole, which is rooted in the desire and willingness of the team to be the drafters of the only comprehensive legal collection encompassing all legal texts and regulations in force in the D.R.C. Since 2006 - and for some of its members since 2001 - the team has been carrying out the drafting and continuous updating of the Codes Larcier of the Democratic Republic of Congo published by Deboeck and Larcier Publishing.

The cross-cultural encounter, the inescapable opening of the country to foreign capital and investment, the restoration of confidence and credit in trade relations involve, on the part of legal professions, extra professionalism and a major commitment to innovation.

Operating in the context of a country that has, in a short period of time, carried out major reforms in terms of regulation and the economy, our attorneys have the major advantage of living from within these various developments. Several tasks are assigned to our Firm, including in the fields of commercial law, business law and corporate law, in the context of their necessary harmonisation with the OHADA law. Our Firm currently provides advice and assistance to more than twenty companies operating in the mining and hydrocarbons sectors.

The launch of this website was prompted by the strict need to inform the public, involving itself necessarily in the essential development of the DRC law in its sources and in its practice, given its noble mission of having to support the overall development of the DRC.

Me Kabinda Ngoy